happy 2017, y'all! starting off the year with a lot of ~intentions~ & i was flattered to have the opportunity to discuss them on society6 alongside leah goren, sandra javera, and rachal duggan (amongst others!)

one of my goals this year is to be more transparent about my artistic process. it sounds generous (maybe?) but it's actually an excuse for me to re-engage with my art.  when i quit my jobs in 2016 to start gentle thrills, i thought i'd have more time to draw and paint, but it ended up being quite the opposite--running a retail brand solo chews up so! much! time!

so i'm starting out by recording my daily sketchbooking...

my sister & her engineer boyfriend built me this excellent contraption so i can take videos of myself working.   u can see a little glimpse of it on the right, but it's basically this metal weapon with a dismembered tripod attached to it, held down by some bricks.  i am absolutely going to injure myself with it. there are literally screws sticking out of the base :-) in retrospect i probably could have purchased a real tripod, but why, when u can diy & hurt yourself?!

u can catch more videos like this on my instagram, but the uncropped versions (which are fun because you can see my palette evolve) can be found on my brand new youtube channel (!) where i plan to post more videos about my process and materials.


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