rose bowl finds!

i love lovelvoovelovelove the rose bowl flea market! i've been going since my mom took me as a tween and it's a consistently good sunday hang.  we always talk about what we're looking for in the car on the way over. sometimes there are specific items we hunt for (for me: a snakeskin accessory, for her: rugs), but i always come home with at least one baggu full of stuff i never could have imagined finding that day!

my favorite seller (she sells vintage party supplies, toys, & paper goods) had tons of easter items with her and was telling the customers how she only buys things that bring her joy (same, lady, same).  and, i should add--it shows!  i picked up some cupcake picks and lots of new little critters: a styrofoam bunny (above), a wood toothpick bunny, a neon floating duck, and my FAVE, a metallic gold poodle with deeply troubled eyes.

all of which are now living in a fabulous little plastic easter basket from the 90s.  at one of my other favorite booths owned by 2 super nice dudes, i snagged a peach mohair sweater for $5. mom & i took a break for pupusas (eaten on a log in the gravel--it was an unusually populated day) & a cucumber limeade with 2 straws.  on the way out i scored a couple little dog figurines to add to the collection, pictured below with cupcake pick comrades!

other finds not pictured: a HEAP of garments which will be revealed soon as part of a very exciting project i'm working on, a new wood handle pastry blender, my new favorite carry-all bag (hand-woven hot pink and white plastic--pix soon i promise), and a new car coat

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