especially for you: my second solo show

i am pleased to announce that my second solo show, especially for you, will be opening at co-LAb gallery in highland part on april 29th from 7-10 p.m.  the show will be open from april 29th to may 14th (mother's day!).  gallery hours are tuesday through saturday 11-6, and sunday from 11-5.

as i wrap up my first year working on gentle thrills, this show is a reflective moment for me & presents finished artwork, working drawings, and apparel alongside one another.  especially for you addresses the thin line between the fine art world and the retail industry by presenting my uniquely playful drawing in two different contexts: apparel and works on paper.   Rows of drawings communicate across the room with hand-painted blouses, asking viewers to consider what factors affect the monetary as well as the aesthetic “value” of a work.  

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